Paul Ohm, Georgetown Law

Hello, world!

Posted on January 3, 2022 | 1 minute read

Hello, world!

Another year, another website, another blog. Happy 2022.

I’ve had the same black-and-white home page for as long as I’ve been a professor, so more than fifteen years. This new-and-improved version has a few tiny splashes of color and, more importantly, it is responsive. But in its minimalism, it’s very much the spiritual successor to my prior page.

The biggest change is under the hood: no longer is this just a bunch of hand-edited HTML. It’s now a bunch of mostly hand-edited Hugo templates. Just as significant, I’m finally retiring the web hosting provider I have had for more than twenty years, using the free service provided by GitHub pages. Fingers crossed that Microsoft doesn’t screw this up!

I have no immediate plans for this blog, but it’s nice to have a publishing platform in case the mood ever strikes. This may end up being the only post on the site! Time will tell.